FAQs and Birthdays

Birthday experiences are available for all age groups!

An average of 9 Birthdays each week are celebrated
at Escape Long Beach. 

Enjoy a live adventure game.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Escape Rooms are fun, unique experiences unlike anything else. Players participate in a live adventure, where they solve a series of tasks and puzzles together in a fun way. Whether or not you escape, players are sure to have a memorable experience playing together--one that's filled with special effects and a narrative that places you in the roles of heroes.
Kids have loved playing our escape rooms! Each room can be played on a different level--we often recommend level 1 for kids and level 2 for adults. These level adjustments make the room easier for younger players, or can make the game more challenging for adult players.
12 year-olds are the youngest allowed for safety reasons.
Unless authorized in advance, the limit is 6 players per room. This does not include the FREE adult (parent) supervisor for kid's games. Groups larger than 6 will split into different games, and can either play at the same time or one group can go right after the other.
No, sorry. However, one parent at a time can come in to the control room and watch the Game Master's monitor while the kids are in the Escape Room.
Yes, for all groups with kids under 14 years old we require an adult present, unless approved in advance by management.
No. The adult supervisor for kids' games is free.
There are three main reasons. 1) There will be some things in the room that are out of reach for children. 2) For safety purposes and to eliminate potential damage to objects in the room. 3) Escape Rooms involve many moving parts, logical thinking, and good communication. Attention to detail and keeping track of different things you find is also important. An adult often is able to help foster better communication between younger kids, and help kids who are struggling with a puzzle.
Yes, if you rent the Private Lounge space, you can hold your festivities in there and bring whatever food and decorations you'd like. We provide bottled water and a fridge, but do not have utensils or food.
Yes, you can. Most birthday groups do! The rental cost is $65/hour, plus a $35 cleaning fee. By renting the lounge, you can bring food and drinks into the space and it will be made private for your time there. we recommend renting from 30 minutes before your first game starts to 30 minutes after your last game ends. Give us a call or email us at question@escapelongbeach.com to book the space.
The lounge comes with a refrigerator and 65in TV screen. It comfortably seats 14 people with room for more, and renters can bring food and drink inside. There is also a practice puzzle and cards inside the lounge space. To see pictures and read more about the lounge, click on "The Guest Lounge" page up above.
Yes! In both games, the birthday boy/girl is given a special role and/or item at the beginning of their game. Additionally, at the end of their experience, we give them a free Escape Long Beach t-shirt.